Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 The boys' baseball seasons weren't quite over when we moved out, so we decided to drive the 45 minutes and take them to their remaining games. Tyler was done in early June, but Jake's season ended near the end of June. I took some pictures of him and his team after the last game.

 Randy was the coach and he did a fantastic job.

 Jake and his good friend Toby. we were so glad to have him on our team with us this year!

Jacob wasn't too into baseball this year though. He complained and complained about going to games and there were a few games where he sat on the bench because Randy told him that if he didn't want to play then he could just sit on the bench and watch. Unfortunately, this reverse psychology didn't work so well. He was more than happy to sit and watch all his friends having fun playing. oh well. Randy had fun coaching and getting to know the boys. 
It was fun to go to the store and have random little boys shout out "Hey coach Randy!"
I'm not sure if we will play next year or not. I guess we will wait and see.

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