Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Day!

We closed on our house in Bountiful on May 31st! For the next week I went and worked on painting some rooms and prepared the house for our move in. 
We actually moved half of our stuff to the new house on June 7th (our 11th wedding anniversary). Sounds like a great way to celebrate don't you think?
I was able to get the whole kitchen unpacked before we moved in everything else on Saturday the 8th. That was incredibly helpful for me. 

On Saturday we were lucky enough to have a primary activity scheduled in the morning. It was a drive in movie and all the kids were supposed to make their own cars to take. Ours turned out pretty cute. It came in handy to have so many boxes lying around the house for the kids to choose from.

So I dropped off the kids at the church and headed back to the house.

We were fortunate enough to have some ward members help us load the moving truck.  We had about 8 or ten people there helping us out. We had ordered a 26 foot truck but we were told when we went to pick up the truck that there was only a 20 foot truck available! they offered us a small trailer to go with the 20 foot truck, but we were pretty upset about it. We asked for a discount, but they refused, saying that a 20 foot truck costs more than a 26 foot truck so we were already getting a discount.
We loaded up the truck and trailer and soon realized that not everything was going to fit! 

I picked up the kids at the church at noon and bought pizza and drinks for everyone who had helped us at the house. After lunch, Randy took the truck/trailer and I took the kids in the van to Bountiful for the second half of the move.
When we arrived in Bountiful, my Dad was there waiting and soon after our arrival, a few men from our new ward showed up to assist us. I left the house after the van was unloaded and dropped the kids off at my moms. She and my sister Ali were awesome and offered to help me with the kids. My mom asked if I would like her to come over and help, but I told her when I had left that there was plenty of people already. 
When I got back to the new house, I noticed that the truck was empty but the garage was still full. Randy said to me that he and my dad were going to head back to Tooele to retrieve the rest of our stuff. He then dismissed all of our new found helpers. I found myself alone in the new house with a garage full of boxes that needed to go into the house. All the furniture was strewn haphazardly in each room. (I had wanted to help direct where I wanted things). I began to feel extremely overwhelmed and my foot was throbbing (did I mention I had a broken toe and strained ligaments and was wearing a boot?). I nearly burst into tears. I started working in the master bedroom. It took me nearly 15 minutes to move our dresser all by myself from one side of the room to the other. I knew I couldn't do it by myself, so I called my mom and asked her to come by and help. I also called my brother-in-law Spencer to help too. Spencer and my Mother showed up and they helped get some beds put together, but we were a silly sight. Me, with my booted foot, my mom with her hurt back and Spencer with his broken arm. We somehow managed even with our ailments to get five beds and a couch put together. I was so glad to have the help. 
Anyway, my Dad and Randy finally got the last of our stuff and brought it to Bountiful. My mom fed us dinner that night, and the kids were so so excited to sleep in their new rooms.

I was so  busy with everything that I really didn't take any photos but I got a few shots of everything we were unable to get into the truck the first round.

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