Monday, December 30, 2013

Chirstmas Break Fun

We had a ton of fun during Christmas break. Randy has the entire week off after Christmas so it was great to have the whole family together for such a long time.  We went to Hollywood Connection and rode the rides, played miniature golf and played the arcade one night.

 good times
 We also played in the snow a lot. With or without proper snow gear on.

 It's more fun when snow doesn't get into your pants though.

 Alyssa is the luckiest girl to have big brothers who will drag her around the yard in the sled.

 We have a bit of a sledding hill in the backyard and the boys used it a lot.
 Our happy baby girl

Other than an unfortunate bout of the flu that took most of us out for a week, it was a blast! we love our family, we loved our Christmas celebrations, and we love our new house.