Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Great to be Eight!

 Being the new primary president (gulp) I had to put on the baptism preview this year for the kids turning eight. we have ten kids turning eight this year, so we will have a lot of baptisms. If you know me, you know that this was indeed very stressful for me. I had to conduct the meeting and I was shaking so badly I was sure that everyone could tell. I was terrified that I would mess up and everyone would laugh at me. Of course, no such thing happened, but those fears stick with me nonetheless. 
I made these cute doughnut "eights" for the kids to take home
This was our spread. It looks like it was worth coming to, even if it was just for the food!
Even with all the cake I'll be making for my kids birthdays, I made some cute cupcakes and put little chocolate eights I made into the top of the cakes. 
I'm glad it's finally over, but I'm pretty sure I'll just have to do it again next year. sigh. At least I kind of know what I'm doing now.

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Rick Bremner said...

The first time is always the hardest. I bet everyone enjoyed it especially the kids and who else is it for anyway!