Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Alyssa

 I can't believe that my baby is TWO today! Time flies for sure. It goes faster and faster every year. If you couldn't tell from the picture, Alyssa loves Curious George lately. Her cake was my attempt at making a "George cake" that was as girly as can be.
 She had a great day hanging out and playing with her siblings. There is nothing she loves more than all the attention they give her. Someone is constantly there for her. There is always someone willing to help her with what she wants to do and someone to play with most of the time.
 Because she is the fourth child and she turned two, the fanfare wasn't too big. she got a couple of gifts, got a big piece of cake and that was the extent of the birthday celebrations. of course, she loved the attention and had a blast.

 Happy Birthday to one amazing girl. She still doesn't talk much, but she has such a sweet spirit. she adds so much happiness to our home. She brings a peace and love that we didn't know we were missing until she came along. She continues to be very obedient, mild mannered and happy most of the time. we are truly blessed to have her for a daughter. I have no doubt she will do great things someday.

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Rick Bremner said...

Great cake and beautiful girl!