Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Our Jacob is seven today! He is the funniest, bravest, cutest, toughest, most loving boy I know. Happy birthday Jakey! This is one of my favorite pictures of he and I together. I love everything about that boy.
He is loud, silly and goofy
 He is sweet when he needs to be, but he can make trouble better than anyone I know.
 Jacob begged for a birthday party with friends this year. He had an alien party,

 I made (a really quick) batch of alien cupcakes that I made up on the spot. I thought that they were less than fantastic, but Jacob and his friends really seemed to like them.
 Here Jacob is with his alien sticker sheets that he finished

 We played music and had the kids pass around his gifts and when the music stopped, the gift he was holding was the one he opened. This was a nice game, as I could make it go as long or as short as I liked.

 Here are his friends, cousins and neighbors celebrating with him.
 We sang "Happy Birthday" and played don't eat the alien (Don't eat Pete). We ate cake and ice cream and had a genuine blast.

We didn't have his birthday party on his actual birthday. On the day of his birthday (Sunday) he asked me to make his favorite meal: Beef stroganoff, broccoli, and cottage cheese. That meal says a lot about him don't you think? This boy loves to eat.

 Alyssa especially loved the broccoli. My kids are so weird.
 After dinner, my parents came over and we opened some more presents. Like he needed them or something. haha.

 Lots of Legos from Randy and I and an Air Hockey table from my parents.

I'm fairly certain that he thinks this was the best birthday he has ever had. He is a boy worth celebrating, that's for sure.

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Rick Bremner said...

Another fun party - interesting how the girls get the living room and the boys the family room.