Friday, March 7, 2014


 Well, Ben did it, he lead his team to the Western Athletic Conference championship! It was pretty close there at the end, but we pulled it out for the win. It was so fun to see how incredibly happy Ben was. He was over the moon. Here he is celebrating with my parents.
 Alyssa is a HUGE UVU fan. And a cute one at that.

 Randy and I were able to attend all the games this season except for two. Both due to snowstorms making it too hard for us to get there.UVU games have become a huge part of our lives. I'm going to miss it when it's all over.
 Ben cutting down his portion of the net
 Ben  with his nieces and nephews

 Randy is awesome.

 It was a loooong night for some of the kids. By the end of it, it was around midnight and the girls had had enough.
Alyssa was a bit loopy and giggly at this point. That was preferable to Lily laying on the floor throwing tantrums.
Congrats Ben! We are so so excited to see what you do next. It has been so much fun watching you play and grow.

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