Wednesday, December 31, 2014

 Randy had a break from school AND work, so that meant I put him to work around the house! We finally got things done that we had been wanting to finish for a while.

  these are the projects he worked on with his free time during Christmas Break.
(written by Randy)
1) New Faucet to replace the old one that had already been fixed twice by a real plumber and still leaked.
2) Repaired drain. Turns out it was leaking too.
3) I feel like I'm always repairing a towel rack.
4) Heather wanted a new dishwasher for Christmas.
5) I finally finished fixing the kitchen floor
6) Pulled the Carpet out of the Dining Room and replaced it with laminate. Base Boards went in today. I'll finish the caulking tomorrow.
7) 2 shelves built for the storage unit




I'm so incredibly excited to have all this done! its better than Christmas! Thanks babe

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