Thursday, May 14, 2015

Randy is Home!!!

For his masters program, Randy went on a trip to Germany and France for ten days! While I was excited for him to go experience this, I was sad that I wasn't up for going along (and it cost way too much!). We talked every day via facetime and skype, but I just like having him home. He did come bearing gifts, so that made it all the sweeter having him back.
This was a box of chocolates from France.

 This is a necklace that Randy picked up for me (with the help of some other wives on the trip.) They did well.
 Jacob and Tyler got these cool knight figures.

Of course, he brought home a lot of chocolates!

 This is a scarf Randy bought me in France. Lily wants to keep it, but it's MINE! haha

 Lily and Alyssa got matching dresses from France. Lily  is telling everyone that her daddy buys dresses from Paris (It wasn't technically Paris, but who's going to argue with her.)
 Of course he also brought home some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. These are VERY tasty. We should buy them out of the country more often!
 Alyssa in her dress... and helmet. That's normal right?
Thanks Randy! We love our gifts, but more importantly, we are so happy to have you back home!

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