Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Family Facts

He is loving school and hating homework. but the homework isn't hard it is usually something like "tell someone about our class rules" or "practice writing your name and hold your pencil correctly". He also refuses to let me take photos of him. when our computers anti-virus system just said "Virus data base has been updated" Tyler said "Oh, that means our house is not on fire!" I have no response to that.

now adds "Uh" to everything. Example: "mommy-uh, I want to watch a movie-uh with lily-uh and eat-uh" he says it all whiny too. not so cool.

We know we have a two-year-old when none of the shoes are in the closet and this is in my front room. Apparently they are "guns keeping him safe" but sometimes they are cars or boats or whatever else. Why do we buy toys again?Lily

She is a mover. She is never found where you just put her down. I say she crawls but what she really does is scoot wherever she goes. She has eaten rice cereal, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. she loves to eat more than she loves to crawl and that says a lot.


Lisa said...

Love it. She is a doll. I love 2 year olds, it is coming around to 3 that they start to drive me crazy. It should be called the terrible almost threes.

Micah said...

That is the single most adorable crawl I've ever seen! Our guys sometimes do the "marine crawl" when they're first crawling and pull themselves by their elbows. But I've never seen a baby pull themselves like that. Thanks for putting on so many videos--it's the next best thing to being able to actually see them.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

It sure is fun to see all the pictures (we will take Tyler on Skype) and Lily is quite the mover.

Michelle said...

She is soooooo cute!

Sara said...

I love the circle of shoes!

Michelle said...