Thursday, June 17, 2010

15 Months

Lily had her 15 month checkup today. She is still on the small side, but she is healthy and strong.
these are her stats:
height 28 3/4 7%
Weight: 20.4 10%
yep, she is still kinda tiny. Strangers seemed to be shocked every time they see her walk. She looks too small to be walking, but at the same time, her hair is so long and full that they think she has to be older. I love the looks I get when someone asks how old she is and I say 15 months. They think about it for a second, nod and say something like "Oh, that's probably about right." Of course it is right silly stranger!

Here she is at the Dr.'s office waiting for her turnHere she is at Aunt Michelle's stealing things from my purse. Little thief.

She love love loves this baby. (It is the doll I used to toilet train the boys). She honestly won't put it down, and I honestly need to purchase some clothing for it.See what I mean?Luckily, Lily has big brother who is always watching over her. He protects her from the other older brother who isn't as nice to her as he should be. Here he is on top of her crib. Literally looking over her.

It has been a fun 15 months. Lily has quite the personality. She won't put up with her brothers picking on her and she will scream if they do something she does not approve of. She likes to look pretty and is constantly putting things around her neck or in her hair and looking at me for conformation that she looks good. she pretends to brush her hair, she loves to put on my jewelry, she gets a kick out of picking out and putting on shoes before we leave the house, she still has a very low voice that shocks people when they hear her laugh, she loves babies (real and fake), she loves dogs and when she spots one she will go right up to it, point at it, say "Daahh" and then proceed to yell at it.
If we leave the house, I am usually bombarded with people tell me how "adorable, cute, gorgeous, pretty, beautiful" my baby is. I have to say that I agree. Love you Lills!


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

What a doll - we sure are looking forward to see you all soon.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! How is she so small? She IS an Aird after all. She is adorable!

Michelle said...

You didn't get inside the crib to get that picture of Tyler did you?

Jane said...

Cute, cute, cute.

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

she is so adorable...seriously.
what a beautiful little girl.