Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tyler's Kindergarten Graduation

"They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity." That is what I think of when I think of graduating from one grade to another. It is funny though, when Tyler got his report card and I was looking it over he was on the edge of his seat and he said "well....did I pass?" Of course he did. It's kindergarten. He was so excited that he gets to go to first grade next year. Here are some pictures of the special graduation ceremony. It was nice of my parents to come watch Tyler. He was really happy that they came just to see him.

It would help my faith in the public school system if they could at least spell Tyler's last name right on his diploma.

He's pretty cute though, isn't he.


Lindsey said...

did you have that horrible of a public school experience?? why so cynical?

Amanda said...

Wow- that is pretty amazing that they spelled his name wrong. I'm guessing his teacher didn't make them since as a teacher you write kids names so many times, you know how to spell the most difficult of names by the second day of school. You would think they would just pull names off their student information system- another good way to avoid errors.

Micah said...

Um, really, the misspelling his name is hilarious. As far as waiting to see if he passed--my boys still do this. Cracks me up every year.