Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!

I can't believe my little Tyler is SEVEN years old today! Time really does fly by. Seven years ago today I was in active labor for 27 hours before I finally had my very first baby boy. I tried my hardest to have a natural birth, but gave up around hour 25 of labor and got my epidural. I remember holding Ty in the hospital in the middle of the night and as I watched my sweet boy, he opened his little eyes and looked right at me. It melted my heart and I fell even deeper in love with him. I didn't know that my love for him could grow so much more over the years. Tyler is a sweet, smart, caring, obedient boy who wants to do the right thing always. We are so grateful to have in our family. We love you Tyler!

We had a great little get together today with my parents, my little brother Ben, and my Grandma Aird this evening. Here are some of the photos I tookTyler asked me yesterday if he could have a "General Grievous cake" It was a little daunting, but if that's what my boy wants, I will do my best to make it. Though, making a picture out of frosting is a little bit more difficult than other mediums. It turned out OK I guess. Tyler told me "That is like the most awesome cake ever!" and that made all the work worth it.

Tyler with his cake.

While we waited for Grandma and Papa to get here, Tyler posed next to his presents.Tyler opening presents
One of the MANY gifts he received.
Lily being a goof

Tyler with one of his Bakugauns

My mom gave Tyler a glow in the dark drawing board. He loves it! Happy Birthday Tyler!


Paigie said...

Happy Birthday TY!!! PS I love hearing Jake's little voice singing next to you

Nessa said...

Happy B-Day to him! Isn't is just crazy how the time FLIES???

bug and dude said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Michelle said...

That cake is seriously AWESOME!!!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

you are fantastic
at cake decorating...
you'd be appalled
at the cakes i've made...whoops!

merry christmas!