Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pretzel Lover

I made these treat bags for our neighbors for Christmas this year. I made cake balls and chocolate covered pretzels and threw in some mini candy canes because the almond roca didn't turn out. I had about 2o of these and put them in a box with the Christmas cards we were giving away. I put them under the Christmas tree on Sunday night. On Monday evening I was just finishing bundling the kids up in their coats and boots and asked Randy to grab the box so we could take them to the neighbors. He said "Uh...Heather, do you know what happened to them?" I came into the room to look and found that our sweet little Lily had chomped off the tops of about half of the pretzels! I couldn't believe it. Randy wads laughing so hard as we took out all the partially eaten pretzels and moved the uneaten pretzels around to try and make them even. So, if you received one of these bags and thought it was weird you only got one pretzel, that is why. Don't ask me the reason I put them on the floor where Lily could get them, Randy has asked me the very same thing and I still don't have a better answer than "I have no idea."

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Lisa said...

At least it was Lily and not your new puppy, My hairdresser showed me a video of her house, the puppy got out of his kennel and tore her 20 plates of cookies to pieces. He spread them everywhere, ate most and then threw up on her freshly cleaned couch(along with little piles of ?). She is not sure she will have a puppy come new year. The whole house was a mess, plastic ripped and crumbs smeared with puppy drool.