Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

We had our ward Christmas party on Thursday night. Santa was there too! We had a yummy dinner, funny programs/skits, games and some good company. But my personal favorite was the primary kids singing and acting out the nativity scene. Jacob didn't know the words to the song, so he just opened his mouth and pretended to sing. I couldn't stop laughing. I made Randy pull out the camera so he could capture the hilariousness of it all. We barely got the video before they were done singing. Lily followed the crowd onto the stage too. If her brothers are there, she should be to right? What a little cutie.

Seeing Santa was especially fun for the kids. My boys have always been too nervous to sit on Santa's lap, so this year, I prepped them before we actually saw him. I got them all excited about it and none of them (including Lily) had much of a problem sitting with Santa.
Tyler sat on Santa's lap first. He asked him for a motor scooter and a Nintendo DS. He also wants Kinect, and ipod touch, and a pillow pet. We'll see if Santa is feeling extra generous this year and gives him what he wants. Talk about expensive toys!

Lily got to see her big brother Tyler on Santa's lap and also saw that he gave Tyler some candy when he was done. She pushed Jake out of the way and climbed right up into Santa's outstretched arms. It seems she will do most anything for candy. She seemed right at home in his lap. Now THAT'S a first for our family. Jakey was a little bit nervous as you can see, but he wanted to tell Santa that he wanted a scooter for Christmas. He never once looked at Santa, and I never actually heard him say anything. It was pretty funny. He was very excited for the candy cane and chocolate he received when he was done.


Paigie said...

ha ha ha! I love that kid. Genius! Just move my mouth and no one will know the difference. I like how crazy is mouth was!

Amanda said...

That little baby girl is so darn adorable!

Jane said...

Cute pictures. It is nice when they are not scared.

Michelle said...

That video is hilarious! Tyler and Savannah want pretty much the same things. Weird. I would think it would be him and Will.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Jakey was not going to be out done!

Sara said...

Jake's face is perfect! What a darling little boy.