Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Excited!

I'm getting excited for our baby to come soon. I am 38 weeks today! She is measuring at 40 weeks though so I feel gigantic! Anyways, I have her room ready, her clothes clean and folded, my bag ready just in case and a bag for the kids as well. I told her she can come whenever she is ready, but I also asked her to try to come before next Wednesday when they would likely want to consider inducing labor (measuring at 41 weeks). I guess we will wait and see what she decides.

I have been practicing my hypnosis and listening to my affirmations everyday in preparation for her birthday. Today I watched my hypnobirth videos from Jacob and Lily's births. I love watching them. It is such a fun day when your baby decides to be born.
It may only entertain me, but I'll put them up anyway. I can't wait to show the next video of our newest birth in a week or so. wish me luck!

I had to be in the bed more often than I would have liked with Lily's birth and I am glad that my group B strep test came back negative this time around so I don't have to have an IV and I'll only have to have minimal monitoring. I am hoping that my midwife actually makes it for the birth this time around too. I guess when you hypnobirth, the nurses don't think that you are as far along as you really are. For example, I asked the nurse to check me with Lily because I felt a lot of pressure and she said "Oh, I just checked you and you were at a 6. I will check you in a 1/2 or so." But I persisted and when she checked me I was an 8+ and had the baby about 10 minutes later. For both of the last births, they had to pull a doctor from the hallway to "catch the baby" because it caught them by surprise. Crazy.


Amanda said...

What? Just a week from now already? I was thinking of coming next weekend. That might not work so well.

Joan said...

I am so happy that you are adding another little girl to your family. I hope all goes well. Keep us posted!

Stephanie said...

Wow. You're amazing to do that! Wait to go! I'm so excited for you guys to have another beautiful little girl. I hope everything goes smoothly. Good luck!