Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The 4th

For the fourth of July, we were lucky enough to have Randy's brother and his family come stay with us! Steve and Micah and their six kids were visiting us all the way from Kuwait. We hadn't seen them for a couple of years, and though we both blog, it was fun to catch up in person. Randy's sister Amanda also came to visit from Boise, ID. (Unfortunately, her car broke down a couple of hours north of us and she had a heck of a time dealing with all of that. Lucky for her, she had two brothers close by to help take care of her. But that is a whole other story.)
We awoke early on the 4th and headed to the ward breakfast before the parade. Amanda was a sweetheart and took some pictures for me.

This is how I think I must look most of the time...always nursing the baby.
 Connett holding Alyssa
 Jacob, Eliza, Connett, Amanda, Alyssa and Abigale.
 Benjamin holding Alyssa. Can you tell she was loved by everyone? I don't think she was put down once while they were here.
 She was loved by Eliza as well

One of the Tooele city floats
Micah holding cute Eliza with her flag
 Only in Tooele...
 I must say, I was looking forward to the goat we had last year, but he didn't show. Luckily we had a hairless rat to pet instead. totally normal parade stuff right?
 our dinner that night

 Randy cooking the burgers
 I made some fruit pizza for dessert. I didn't do a flag because I like to think I  am a nonconformist...plus, don't you want blueberries on every bite?  I know I do.

Steve holding Eliza
 Jacob and Peter
Amanda and the girls hanging out

Water balloon Fight!!
 Cute Cousins Lily and Peter hanging out
 Jake joined in on their fun.
 We enjoyed fireworks and glow sticks at a friends house. Lily thought it was pretty loud.
we had so much fun with everyone while they were here. It was a short visit, but totally worth it!We were sad to see them leave the next morning.

Lucky for us, Amanda stayed the rest of the week looking for a new car to replace the one that broke down. Here is a picture of her with our little Alyssa before Church on Sunday.

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