Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rise and fall of a tree

 We had quite the windstorm blow through here the other day and unfortunately we lost one of our trees. I know it is lame, but I'm pretty sad about it. It was one of our free trees that we asked city workers for after they ripped them out of a park because they didn't think the trees would make it. This tree lasted for over three years and it was finally starting to look decent.

Here is a picture gallery of our sweet little tree.
Right after we planted it. It was the tallest and best looking tree of the bunch

 How it looked after one year.
 Year three

 Almost 4 years old and then it blew over
 Randy cutting it down

It doesn't look quite the same without it
Hopefully these other two trees will last because they are actually providing evening shade on the house now.

During the windstorm we also feared our neighbors trampoline would end up in our yard and take down the fence. It flipped over and was close to coming over. They weren't home, so Randy and another neighbor went out in the wind and rain and tied it to the deck.  A free trampoline would have been nice though. :)

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Heidi said...

We have had several pool Umbrella end up in our yard during strong storms. I have to admit it has been my fear that our trampoline will fly away during one of the Dust storms but so far we have been lucky.
Sorry about your tree. I would cry if the tree in front of our house went down.