Sunday, July 1, 2012


We recently purchased a new tent for our ever growing family and decided to try it out last weekend. Can you believe or family of six doesn't fit in our four man tent anymore? Crazy.

of course I didn't actually take a picture of the new tent. So i found a stock photo of it online. we camped up South Willow canyon. It is just about 1/2 hour west of us.
We did some hiking
we watched some rock climbers
some more hiking
We stopped at the stream to cool off in the 90 degree weather. I love the kids playing in their cute little undies.
 Tyler loved the stream
 Randy and I read books while we watched the kiddos

Back at the campsite, the kids played in their "spider-web"

 Randy had to haul around a Giant baby! I'm not sure I would have survived that hike.
 Ty wanted a picture with this sign.

 One of my favorite pictures. Isn't she adorable?! She was so so good the entire two days. It isn't surprising though, she is a great girl all the time.

 It was a fun trip

 I'm not sure we will go back to this specific camp because it cost us 28 dollars for the two nights and they didn't have any water spouts or garbage cans (Lily peed her pants when we had only been there for about 15 minutes and I had to rinse her clothes using drinking water. At the end of our camp, we also drove around forever trying to find a place to put our trash. We ended up taking a bag of dirty diapers home with us! Yuck!). They did have bathrooms, but I was really the only one in the family that was willing to hike all the way up there to go to the bathroom. I don't think it was worth the money for a picnic table and a fire pit. I'm glad we went and that the kids had so much fun. I also love being with my sweetheart whether we are working or just sitting around playing trivial pursuit around the campfire.  


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Looks like a great place to go - wish I could find a house in a place like that!

Michelle said...

That is such a cute pic of Alyssa!