Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jacob's first day of kindergarten

 Jacob is getting so big! Today was his first day of kindergarten. And before you think "That's an odd first day outfit" I'll point out that there was no swaying him when it came to what he wore today. That is an extra reason why I love that boy. He sticks to his guns. A trait I'm sure he gets from both of his parents.
 Jacob and Tyler before school. They are so nice to reluctantly agree to do this for me.
Jacob is in morning kindergarten and his teacher is Mrs. Perkus. He is so exited to learn and play with the other kids in his class. Today they made a gingerbread man and he "actually ran away while he was in the oven." He had a great time, but the gingerbread cookies they ate "were a little spicy" he said. 
Here he is when Randy dropped him off at school this morning.
Jacob is a great little boy. He loves to do whatever Tyler is doing and that usually includes playing X-box or my kindle Fire. He is also learning to read albeit a little begrudgingly. He says reading is too boring. When he actually tries he does really well though.
Jake also started taking piano lessons last week. Just like his brother.  It was a little rough the first day, but he seems to enjoy it more now. 
Happy first day of school buddy!


Ali said...

How fun. Jake looks so different with his short haircut, just like you said. He looks cute in his army outfit, too.

Heidi said...

Way to go Jake and Mom!!