Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ballet recital

Lily had her spring ballet recital about a month ago. I took entirely too many pictures, but that's my right as a mommy right?
The funny/not so funny thing about the recital was that Lily had two dances to perform. One was a peter pan dance titled "I will never grow up" and they were dressed as little lost boys. They looked adorable to me, but Lily did not like the "Ugly" costume. It was brown cutoff pants with a brown and green sash. She refused to dance while wearing that outfit. It was the first dance of the two. 
When the program started Miss Swan came out to welcome everyone to the recital and I groaned a little on the inside to see that she was holding my Lily bean. This is kinda how it went:

Miss Melissa: "Welcome everyone to our Spring dance recital for Swan Studios! This is Lily." she lifts up Lily a little bit. Lily lays on her shoulder and holds her a little tighter
"Lily is 3 years old! and she is going to dance for us tonight."
 Lily: indignantly "NO I'M FOUR!"
Melissa: " Really? when did that happen?"
Lily: She grins as she proclaims "I HAD A BIRTHDAY!"

Everyone laughed and it was adorable; albeit slightly embarrassing for me. When the time came for her "never grow up dance," she refused to perform. Miss Melissa forced her to do the actions like a little puppet, but Lily wasn't having any of it. 
The funny thing is, that Lily isn't scared of being on stage and she surely isn't shy like her Momma. When the time came for her second dance, in her preferred outfit all decked out in pink and sparkles all over, she danced just fine! Who knew she wouldn't dance because of a costume?! That is crazy.
I did get lots of pictures of her dancing the second dance, but missed the first one. 

Lily waiting to go onstage before her dance. She isn't so good at staying behind the curtain. She likes to be where the action is.

 Sweet ballerina
 Lily and her best friend Gracen smiling AT THE SAME TIME!

 Lily says that her favorite part was bowing at the end.
 I think she liked eating the M&M's grandma brought for her! Isn't her hair cute by the way?
 I love my fickle little ballerina!

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