Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lily's very first Haircut!

It took some talking into, but I finally convinced Lily to get a haircut. We both preferred to keep her hair long, but it has been getting pretty unmanageable lately. She was a little aftraid that if it got cut it would turn brown and never grow again (Just like Rapunzel's in Tangled). I assured her it would continue to grow and the color would not change. 

She was excited but a little nervous
 I forgot to take a before picture, so this is right before she cut it.
 My friend Brooke (who also cuts my hair). Shhh don't tell her I took this. She told me to make sure I didn't get her in any of the pictures.
 Blowing it dry. This was also a first for Lily
 Gorgeous girl, gorgeous hair!
 After we got home, she made me take a picture of her haircut. Nobody but her and I could even tell it was cut. She cut maybe an inch at the most. Lily had a great expirience though and you could tell she was on cloud nine. She felt so beautiful. She kept telling Jake all day that she looked "beautiful with my new hair."
What a sweetheart.
While I'm talking about her hair, I'll throw in this picture of the "skeleton" braid I did the other day. It was kinda cool, but I think she has too much hair for this particular style. 

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Heidi said...

Roxie is do upset with me because she won't be getting her hair cut for 6 weeks (stylist just had baby). She doesn't want it long because "Cousin Lily has the long hair and I have the short hair."