Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jake's Kindergarten Graduation

 Jacob graduated from Kindergarten on Friday May 17th. My mom told him she wouldn't be able to come (because of my little brother Ben's back surgery) and Jake was devastated! After learning how upset Jake was, my mom found a way to sneak out to Tooele at 9 in the morning! It was a wonderful surprise. Jake was so happy that she was there. 

Here is my mom holding matching Alyssa at the program. Those two tend to match more often than not. Kinda funny.

 Jake singing the Northlake Knight fight song. It is his favorite.
 My mom gave Jake a candy gram as a graduation gift. He thought this was amazing! All those candy bars just for him! He was in heaven.

Happy Graduation buddy! We are proud of you.

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