Thursday, August 29, 2013

18 Months Old!

Alyssa is growing and growing and growing! You would think that after having four kids I would realize that they grow so very fast, but I think when you have so many running around, you miss it more with each one as you go along. does that make sense? She is a beautiful girl and has quite the personality. She is so different than Lily.

 Alyssa is quiet. She rarely talks. She is loved by all her siblings and they literally fight over who gets to sit by her. She stays busy following her brothers and sister around the house and she loves to be outside. Lucky for her we moved into a house with a fenced yard that she can enjoy!

 Alyssa is quite a bit bigger than Lily was at her age. I feel like as I get clothes out for Alyssa, that Lily just wore them herself. I adore Alyssa's dimples. I love hugging her and snuggling her. when I put her to bed at night or put her down for a nap, she lays down and waves her little hand and says "bye bye Mama." I love it.

  Alyssa started going to nursery at church. She cried and cried that day, but not because she didn't want to go. she cried when I tried to pick her up!! She did not want to leave at all. I'm so glad that she runs right into the nursery and waves goodbye to me. I'm glad she has no reservations about leaving her mom behind for treats and toys. It is wonderful. We are very blessed to have such a great little girl in our family.

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