Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seven Peaks Resort

Randy and I found a good deal on the pass of all passes, so we bought it for each person in our family. At the end of the summer break we took the kids to seven peaks water park a few times. I rarely took pictures because we are usually having too much fun not to mention I don't take a camera into the water with us!
One time we went it rained pretty hard and they saw lighting so they had to close down the park. 

 people waiting under the snack shack awning.
 The line to a slide
 Sweet Alyssa chilling with her mommy
 Alyssa loves the water so much! It's hard for her to sit and wait on the sidelines.
 One time after we arrived back home, I unpacked the car and when I came back into the house, this is what I found. Randy reading to the tired kiddos. He's such a good daddy!
 We've had some great summer memories this year!

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