Monday, August 26, 2013

The First Day of School 2013

The kids started school on August 26th. The boys were very excited to start 1st and 4th grades at our new elementary school. 
 This is what he looks like when he doesn't want to take a picture.
 I wrote out little signs for everyone. (I was kind of making fun of all the people who are doing signs lately...just a bit though)

 Tyler ready to go
Three of my little cuties

 All four of my babies. They are growing so fast!
 The boys walking away

 Jake and Lily by our front tree

 The girls
I couldn't decide where I wanted our first day of school pictures at our new house, so I took entirely too many pictures. oh well.

 After school, our ward primary had a snow cone party in the parking lot of the church. I guess it is a tradition for the ward. It was a lot of fun!

 Alyssa liked her snow cone

 How fun is that!?
 We had a fantastic first day of school. The boys liked their teachers and it was a really fun start for the school year.

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