Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chalk Art Festival

I didn't know that Bountiful City hosted a chalk art festival until we wandered down main street one day and saw it! I was mesmerized. Lily loved almost every single drawing and insisted I take pictures of all of her favorites. I only got half of her favorites and pretended to take photos of the other ones. Here are some that Lily and Jake loved.

 I liked this Lion and was surprised it took 7th place.

 I loved these jelly fish, but I felt awful when Lily stepped on the drawing and left her footprint on it. Don't ask me why she didn't have shoes on. I have no idea why.
 Here's a closeup of her footprint. Sorry to whoever drew this!

 This "Brave drawing was done by a high school student and won first place!
It was a ton of fun to watch the artists work. I can't wait to see it next year. Maybe I'll even sign up to draw my own!

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Rick Bremner said...

Lots of talent in Bountiful - look forward to seeing yours next year.