Monday, May 19, 2014

Crazy with yardwork again!

Apparently when I start on an area of the yard, it is hard for me to stop. This is the south side of our yard that was severly overgrown. I borrowed my neighbors clippers and started clipping away.
The branches were far too thick to use our electric trimmer.
I trimmed away until all the branches were behind the curb line. I was probably out there for six hours or so. Lucky for me, my neighbor came over with her new baby and chatted with me while I worked. she brought a chair and a drink for both of us and I enjoyed getting to know her a little better.
 More yard waste for Randy to deal with! HAHA he's going to hate paying the dump fee again. Oh well, at least our yard is looking a bit cleaner these days.
 Lily was proud of the work "WE" did.

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Rick Bremner said...

That is a lot of work that is why I like the forest look!