Monday, May 26, 2014

Gone Fishing with Papa

The boys and I were lucky enough to go on a little fishing trip with my Dad.  My boys hadn't ever been fishing before so we thought it would be beneficial to take them to a fish farm for their first time. If they want to go again, we can take them out on a boat in a lake.

We were able to catch five fish. It was a really hot day and there were times when the boys were bored to death and times when they were having the time of their lives! Tyler was a bit upset that Jacob was able to catch a fish first as well as catch more than him. But, Jake is very persistent and he tried the whole time to actually catch the fish, while Tyler would get bored and not realize his bait was out of the water while his mind wandered. It just goes to show how different my boys are. Papa was  nice to take us. One of my very favorite things growing up was going fishing with my Dad. Randy doesn't really like fishing, so I hope the boys can get some good memories fishing with their grandpa instead. Thanks Dad!

I love his happy face!


Rick Bremner said...

From the first picture I thought they were fishing out of a bucket but then a fish farm isn't much different. If Tyler gets bored at a fish farm he will have a worse time on a boat unless he just likes being out on a boat.

Rick Bremner said...

Way to go Jakey!