Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of school part 2

Our ward has a tradition of doing snow cones for the primary age kids after school on the first day. Because I am the primary president, I was in charge of getting it done. We had the kona Ice truck come and each child got a snow cone. Unfortunately, it started raining, but nobody seemed to mind. Everyone was too excited to talk about their first day, their new teachers, and who was in their new classes.  We had about 75 kids from our primary show up, so I considered it a success! I'm not sure how much I like being in charge of these kinds of things, but I am sure thankful for the people who help me get it done!
some kids waiting to be served.

 Lily with her yummy snow cone
Tyler and Jacob waiting in line for their flavoring

It was fun. The kids sure enjoy having something to look forward to after the first day of school has ended.

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