Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

Ben and Eboni's cute invitation.
 In the morning, before the ceremony, everyone that didn't have to work, or could take work off, attended an endowment session at the temple. It was so much fun to have all of the Aird family attend. All of my siblings as well as my parents! that is amazing in and of itself. Amber, Randy, Eboni (of course) were the in-laws who were able to come. I also had a couple of Aunts and uncles come as well. It is so much fun to have everyone together in the temple. I can't describe what a blessing it is. 
Here is my immediate family afterwords

ALL the sisters and in-laws (which are totally like sisters) and my mom.

I didn't get any pictures, but my favorite memory from the wedding day, aside from the temple, was going to crown burger with all the siblings. Michelle, Dan and Amber, Amberly,Randy and me, Ali and Ben all ate and laughed and had a great time together. It was a blast!

After lunch we all took a break to get ready for the festivities. The kids took naps, we finished our last minute preparations and got ready ourselves. The wedding ceremony took place at my stake center's pavilion. It is really nice and was a good place to have a wedding. I struggled a bit with the wedding not being in the temple, but that's another story. It was the right choice for them and I know that they will be sealed in a year. That is their plan  and I'm confident they will follow through.
Here are some pictures of the ceremony
 My parents walking Ben down the isle.
Eboni with her dad walking down the isle.
Some of the grand kids waiting for the ceremony to start.

It was  a bit shorter than I anticipated, but I've not been to many weddings outside the temple. It was really sweet and to the point.

The two cuties excited to be man and wife
After the ceremony we went back to my parents house where they were having a reception. We took pictures which took a long time since we have so many people in the family now!
Here are two of our family pictures.
 Alyssa had pretty much at enough by the time pictures were being taken. she wasn't in many of them as she ran off crying. But that's how a two year old rolls I guess.
The Aird side of the family. Everyone all together, everyone married.
My immediate family.
My parents worked so very hard on their yard to get it just right for the wedding reception. My dad always keeps a nicely kept yard, but he went above and beyond for the wedding. I have never seen it look so nice.
Ben and Eboni decided they wanted an ice-cream bar.
 Of course President Eyring made an appearance before it got too crowded. Eboni's family was very impressed. President Eyring has been in my parents ward ever since I can remember. His wife Kathy was my young women's leader and I grew up with their youngest daughter.
Cutting the cakes

I love the little girls gathered around the beautiful bride.

Savannah, Clara, Will and Tyler eating ice cream. Tyler says he consumed 12 bowls of ice cream. He said it hurt to laugh and kept showing me his enlarged belly. What a silly boy..
 I love the girls laughing and dancing in their matching dresses.

 There was a lot of dancing.
 They also had a photo booth for people to take their pictures. The kids loved it.

Ben and Eboni enjoyed it as well.

 They actually got to eat some of the soft serve ice cream

 Throwing the bouquet off the deck.

 Randy playing with all the little girls
Of course Randy danced with his daughters. They sure love dancing with their daddy. Who wouldn't? He is amazing.

The evening ended and we were all exhausted from a long wonderful day. I can't wait to go to their sealing exactly one year from today. Welcome to the family Eboni! We are all crazy, so watch out!

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