Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Lily Bean!

This little lady is SIX YEARS OLD! Unfortunately it is like 6 going on 18 for this child. She wants to be grown up, she wants to act grown up. If something involves clothes, hair, makeup, boys, or anything teenager-ish then she is ALL in.  She is the craziest, loveliest, most stubborn little diva I know! She never fails to make me laugh. Her attitude is somewhat bipolar. She is either the happiest most obedient, wonderful child, or the most stubborn, loud, little stick in the mud who won't do anything we need her to. She is a joy to have albiet a handful at times and we wouldn't want it any other way. Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

To celebrate, we had cake and saw the new Cinderella movie at the movie theater with the family. She loved every minute of us celebrating her life. She is always dying to be the center of attention. She got many gifts from all of us and wants to be a princess.

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