Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Latest DI find

we found this ball at the DI for 6 bucks. The kids love it, but I think Randy loves it even more than they do. Here are some pics and videos of us playing outside the other day. Enjoy.

p.s. I also got a giant bag full of yarn, crochet needles with crochet books, plus craft stuff along with 32 spools of ribbon! it was only 8 dollars! If you want some yarn, let me know. I just wanted the ribbon mostly .


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Yes Randy would love the ball. I would too especially for that price.

Heidi Wimmer said...

I love D.I!!! I swear I spends hours looks at stuff there...I love the Video chip Jake asking to hold it. martin does that to me all the time!!

Lily is so pretty and she has gotten so big. Miss ya guys

katester said...

That ball is awesome! Sienna would love that.

Michelle said...

Oh man, that looks awesome. I really really want one.