Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our new addition(s) part two

If you missed my first post "Our new addition(s)" check it out here. I posted that a year ago and I thought I would give an update on our little trees. yeah, they are still little, but they were free and they are still alive, so I'm not complaining.
We had to cut off most of the old branches because they died and this is new growth this year. They actually look different from last year, but basically the same size. funny how that works.Tree in the front of the house it is up to about my elbow. I know, kinda tiny

Back tree that had the most growth last year on it.

view of all three side trees

Our best looking tree in the middle of the three side trees. By the way, I am NOT pregnant. (this time)


Heidi Wimmer said...

I love the photo you posted of Lily. She is so beautiful!!

Amber said...

Awww, I'm bummed you're not pregnant. Bla, Bla, the trees look good (way to go for not killing them). But it's kind of a let down after the fun of last year's tree post.

Nessa said...

Love the trees...I remember that post last year!