Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I hate it when that happens

I hate it when I fall down in my seat and I can't get up
I also hate it when this little baby grins at me...and then does this:

Now, it may sound like I am trying to get her to crawl to me. I am. But in my defense she is doing it whether or not I support her, so I chose (this one time) to coax her to crawl. It is so sad to see your baby grow up way too fast (unfortunately for me, faster than most) I am proud of her for reaching these milestones, but sad she didn't stay an immobile "baby" for very long.


katester said...

What is in your milk? Lily is a supergirl!

Nessa said...

When my kids start moving it is so bittersweet...I love that they are learning, but crying inside because each roll and crawl means that they are growing-up!

Lisa said...

She is so well propotioned, that it makes movement easier. You go girl, keep up with thoe boys and then you can start telling Jakey to stop hitting himself.

Ali said...

So cute. I love the video.