Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I've been at this school for 7 1/2 years...I'm no dummy..."

Hopping in the "school bus"

Tyler had his first day of Kindergarten today. The whole family took him to his class and only one of us cried.
It was Jacob.
He was very upset that he couldn't go to school with Tyler.
So sad.

Tyler is such a big boy now, I can't believe it! I'm still not sure about this whole school thing though. It is the end of an era where I have the kids home with me and I have my own schedule. Now, I will be on the schools schedule and will do it for the next 20+years. Tyler has four "friends" from his church class in his kindergarten class, so it is good he knows some people. They are all girls though, so he is hoping to find a friend that is a boy.
This morning as he said the prayer over breakfast he said; "please bless me that I won't cry at school today." I about lost it, but I regained my composure.

He was embarrassed we were taking pictures of him sitting there. What a cutie! I love that boy. And lucky for us, he didn't start the school year off wearing a skull shirt. ;p


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

It comes to all us, wait until he goes to college then the tears flow!!

Nessa said...

The first one going to school really tugs at your heart-strings...then you get over it and can't wait for ALL of them to be in school! :)

Michelle said...

I watched that movie today while I was folding laundry, how funny! It looks like he (and you) did great! What happened to the skull shirt? Did you hide it?

britt said...

reading about his prayer got me a bit misty, and almost made me lose it!! and I'm not even his mom! wow, that will be an interesting day. what a cute boy!

Micah said...

Congratulations on a big day! (for all of you). Around here it's always the hardest on the next youngest when a new one starts school.

katester said...

It must be nice and sad to have your oldest in kindergarten. How cute that Jacob cried.

Lisa said...

Gunnar went to kindergarten and I was pregnant with Zeke and had just moved into a house that needed lots of work, so I was too busy to worry to much. When JT went to school I felt completely lost for a few weeks until I over scheduled myself like usual and I've really never had much time to myself since.

Maybe I'll cry when Gunnar goes to college in two years, or maybe I'm just a rotten non-feeling mother.