Monday, May 10, 2010

Piano Recital

Tyler had his first piano recital tonight. I wish we got him introducing himself on video because it was so cute. You could tell he was so nervous, but he stepped up anyway and was brave and did what he was supposed to do. He loves that he can play real songs now too. He played a "Hot Cross buns" duet with his teacher and then "Old McDonald had a farm." He doesn't like to practice very much, but with the right amount of bribery I can get him to do it most days. He did a great job.

All of the students at the recital. He is in the middle of his two friends Whitney and Brighton.
I was asked to take a finger dessert for after the recital. I made some cake-pops and cake-balls. Then I drew notes on them with my new edible markers. I thought they turned out pretty cute albeit a little lopsided for the most part. The kids loved the pops and they were gone pretty fast.

video video


Heidi said...

During the 4th of July you will have to watch the video of Randy's Piano Recital!! Expect for the light hair it reminds me of Randy playing the piano.

Lindsey said...

Nice cake work!! That's awesome. I didn't even know they had edible markers. I'm checkin them out!

Joan said...

You are so creative with cakes! Nice job. Very cute watching Tyler play the piano.

Michelle said...

not only do you do it all, but your kids do to. Nice work Ty.

Jane said...

I am very sorry I had to miss the recital. It looks like he did a fantastic job. Way to go Tyler! The cake balls look very fun and delicious.