Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three years ago today...

we moved out here to Tooele. It is amazing what a difference 3 years makes, especially for a young family. Three years ago today:

-I was a basket case. Jacob was only 5 weeks old and we were moving! I was emotional and so very tired.

-we moved from a large duplex to a small house. we didn't really have a place to put all of our stuff so we had to stack it in the unfinished basement. A whole room in the downstairs was full of just boxes to store.

-if my memory serves me right, it rained. A lot.

-We had a lot of help moving out of our duplex, but not a lot of help moving in. Two of our neighbors in Tooele came over to assist in the move. Both of them have since moved.

-Kim and Brandon drove from SLC to help us move and Kim accidentally tore our binds off our front window. She ripped it right out of the wall. Hahaha. She felt so bad, but we didn't really care that much. Plus she helped organize our kitchen and made our beds, and did so much for us that day. We took them out to Wingers that night to say thanks.

Those were some good times, but I'm so glad I'm not moving today. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


kabaum said...

I really did feel SOOOOOO bad!!! HAHAHA. Happy Cinco de Mayo to the Bremners

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

You should have added some before and after pictures. You have done so much to make it a beautiful and twice as large home.