Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Play Ball!

Tyler had his first T-ball game yesterday. He did such a good job and he had a lot of fun. I love watching these little tiny kids play. They are so stinking cute.

Lily had fun "watching" and stealing someones pink baseball.

Jake did NOT have a great time though. His asthma was flaring up and he was tired.
Ty loved that he got treats after the game.
Tyler with coach Randy
Jake felt better when we got home and gave him a breathing treatment. He fell asleep within the first 5 minutes. poor thing.

I think Tyler getting ready to bat is my favorite video. He looks like he is "In the zone" and is unaware of anything going on around him.

It was a fun game to watch. They don't keep score, so there are no "winners" but they all love it.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Fun pictures - so sorry about Jakey though.

Heidi said...

I know how Jakey feels right now! Love the pictures!!