Monday, August 30, 2010

First of First

Tyler had his first day of school last Tuesday. He is in first grade now! Yay for all day school. His teacher's name is Mrs. Skeen. She is very nice and we really like her already.
Tyler before school.
Tyler in his class. Randy dropped him off at school, continuing the tradition he started last year.

Tyler had to take a reading test to see what level he is at right now so they have a good idea where to start teaching. He took the test and said "Mom I think they gave me the wrong one! I think they gave me the preschool test instead; it was just too easy!" I took some pictures of the Jake and Lily while we waited for him to to take the test.

These guys are goofs. But they are cute goofs. And yes, Jacob is wearing Tyler's T-shirt. If he is wearing clothes, I don't complain about it anymore.

Funny story from Tyler's first day: Tyler came home from school and I asked him if it was fun to eat lunch at school. He had eaten a school lunch that day and I asked him what he had for lunch. He said "Well I had some sort of wrapped hot thing" I found out later it was a burrito. He told me "it was too hot to eat so I was waiting for it to cool down. But we had to go back to class before I could eat it. I ate a little bit of watermelon though!" So, I said "You didn't get to eat any of your lunch?" Ty:"well, no, I got to eat a little watermelon but don't worry tomorrow I am going to sit down fast and see if I can just taste all of my food!"

I guess 20 minutes to get your food, eat it, and and put your trash away isn't much time for my little Tyler to eat his food. Poor thing. At least now I know where kids learn to just shovel food into their mouths without tasting it. We are breeding fast eaters.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More homecoming pictures

These are pictures my Sister-in-Law Amber took of the festivities that were Ben's homecoming. They are in kind of a random order but I thought they were worth sharing.Lily eating outside on Saturday

Jacob wrestling with usual. I like how my brother Dan is laughing
Tyler wrestling with his cousin Will..I think. Maybe he is just getting body slammed.
Ben at the 'kids table.'so cute.
The cakes I made

Alonzo and Megan were very excited to eat the cakeShe got what she wanted.
The banner I drew up for my mom in about 10 minutes (that's why it looks so sloppy). Someone else colored it for her. It rained on Sunday so it looked so sad dripping colors everywhere.
Lily at the airport.
My brother Dan, his wife Amber and their Kids Megan and Brooke

Me and the kiddos at the airport.
Ali, her husband Ben and their kids Alonzo and Whitney

The group of us at the airport.
Dan and Ben. They look like brothers to me!

The whole Aird Family on Sunday. Sorry I blocked your face Randy, I tried to crouch down.

All of the female grand kids.
Brooke and Lily
Whiteny (Ali's), Sarah (michelle's), Brooke (Dan's) and Lily-who aparantly has a lot to say to her bff Brooke. These are all the babies born while Ben was gone.

Cute close up of Whitney and Sarah

Our Lily bean. I don't think she smiled for one picture. She's still cute to me though.
Brooke and Lily

Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

We had such a fun weekend welcoming home our 'little' brother Ben from his mission on Saturday and Sunday. I spent a good amount of time preparing treats for the special celebrations. The cakes turned out pretty good too. I think Ben was a little shell shocked, but it was still fun to watch him catch up with everyone. Ben gave a great talk on Sunday too. Even President Erying cried during Ben's testimony. It was wonderful especially since Ben didn't even write anything down before he went up to speak. Here are the pictures of the festivities from Saturday and Sunday.
Tyler holding the poster I made at the airport.
Michelle and her kids with their posters.
Hanging out at the airport waiting.
Lily bean
My brother Dan and his family came from Texas
When we saw him coming down the escalator, we cheered.
Ben hugging my Mom.
This is probably my favorite picture.

Ben meeting baby Whitney for the first time. He had four new nieces (including Lily) born while he was gone.

Ben was really surprised how different my dad looks. he lost a lot of weight in the last year.Jake with my mom.

This is the 'Missionary cake' I made for the Saturday celebration.It turned out pretty cute I think.
I thought I would add the picture of the boys in the car on the way to my parents house holding my cakes I made. The three cakes on the left are for the birthdays Amber, Ali and cowboy Ben celebrated this month. I was glad they held the cakes so well for 45 minutes in the car.

I also made cake balls for Sunday afternoon
I made the cake balls to look like mini cupcakes. They were a big hit at the house on Sunday.
Mmmm...looks good doesn't it.

Yep, Tasty.
Baby Sarah was crying while we took a pictures of the four girls and Lily was trying to help her. So cute.Baby Sarah looks much cuter in this picture I snapped while she was playing.
Sorry Kim (one of my best friends) I have to post this picture because I love that Ben Photo-bombed you. It makes me laugh.
Little cute Lily. She had a great time.

Oh, I'll finish things off with proof Lily needs to lay off the sauce. It's hard not to get carried away drinking at a mission homecoming on a Sunday afternoon thoughAre we sure that's water?
My mom spiked the water with lemon.
but this is my favorite drunk face of the night...Hahahaha. isn't that awesome! :)

Welcome home Boot! I hope you enjoy your first day at College today!