Friday, June 24, 2011

June Vacation

We headed to San Diego on our 9th wedding anniversary (June 7th). Our family went along with my sister Ali and her family, my parents, and my 'little' brother Ben. We stayed in a beach house for a week and did all kinds of fun stuff. My favorite was going to Sea world. Here are photos of some of our Sea world experience. --It seems I only remembered to take my camera every other day, luckily Ali helped me take pictures on the days I forgot. I guess I will update the other pics when she gets them to me.

These are pictures from our second round at sea world.

Jake and sea lionUnwilling photo participant

Randy and Tyler waiting for the Dolphin show to start.
Dolphin....can't remember it's name. :)
By brother Ben, my dad, Jacob and Lily
I have to add a side story in here. When I took this picture I was feeling so so sick. Jacob had been sick two days before this and Tyler had thrown up the night before and wasn't feeling so swell either and we went home soon after for some naps and for me to lose my lunch in the condo bathroom.
We later returned (feeling slightly better?) for the night shows and to buy souvenirs for the kiddos.
The Shamu Rocks show at night
Jake showing us his C shaped dorsal fin before the show started. Ty finally got to sit in the "soak Zone." He had been wanting to sit there for each show, but his dream of getting soaked still didn't come true that night. I almost poured my water bottle on his head as the whale came around splashing, but I didn't get a very good opportunity to do so.Tyler and the infamous 'giant' octopus...I have to say for me, it was a bit disappointing.
Jake outside the aquarium.
After a long night, we were headed out of the park and they announced over the PA system that the fireworks would start in 1/2 an hour. When Tyler heard that he said we "have to stay to watch them!" So, even though I was feeling sick to my stomach and Randy too at that point, we plopped down on a piece of grass and waited. We watched the fireworks and waved our goodbyes to Sea world. We made it to the car, but when we got there, Randy decided he had to leave his dinner in the parking lot and threw up before we left.
Yes, pretty much everyone in the condo got whatever this stomach bug was. Ben Marchant seemed to do the best, but we all felt horrible for at least part of our trip. The babies: Lily, Alonzo and Whitney interestingly enough had fevers instead of vomiting. I have to say, as a mom, I appreciated Lily helping me out with a fever as her only symptom.


Paigie said...

Wow that sounds like a pretty fun vacation, minus all the puking, but that always makes for good stories later! The kids are getting so big and so stinkin cute I think I may have to visit again this summer.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Even though it does not sound like an enjoyable trip, it definitely had all the fun events going for it.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

oh sea world! i am all kinds of jealous. i l o v e sea world, how fantastic!

i hope you post pics of the beach house! hello dream vacation.

bummer there were some sick days but glad you had fun :)

Michelle said...

Yeah, still jealous, even with all the vomitting.
Glad you got to go though.