Friday, June 24, 2011

Zoo Safari Park

While in San Diego, we decided to visit the Zoo Safari Park or "The wild animal park" as I know it. Randy was in Colorado on business during this part of the vacation, so I had the kids by myself, but had the help of my parents and little brother. Here are pictures of the boys with their maps as we headed out to see what there was to see.
If you like birds, the Zoo safari park is for you...They aren't my favorite though.
Feeding the ducks
Tyler's hand compared to a gorilla's hand
We were surprised to find that "Uncle Ben's" hand is roughly the same size as a gorilla's.
Jakey's hand.
Uncle Ben almost had the arm span of a gorilla, though he beat the gorilla in height by quite a bit. he isn't standing up straight in the picture.

JakeWe walked A LOT! It was about 90 degrees that day and we were so hot and tired through most of the visit.

My Dad and my sister Ali on the tram ride.
My mom, Jake, Me, Lily and my brother Ben. --Lily had a pretty high fever at this point of our day, so she wasn't too keen on taking the photo. I wasn't too keen on holding a super hot child in 90 degree weather either...but we do what we must.

Jake and papa looking at the giraffes.
I love this picture. I don't know what Papa is saying, but it looks important.
We saw some elephants receive their morning treat. They had quite a few baby elephants.

The boys spent a lot of time on Papa and uncle Ben's shoulders. It was hard for them to do all the walking required.Grandma and Jake
I asked the kids to pose for a picture by the elephants. When I went to take the picture, I told Jake "Get your arm out of your face!" He said "Uh, Mom! I'm an elephant." are my two little elephants. --You can tell the ibuprofen worked on Lily's fever by this time.
Me and some crazy kids. --Lily's fever had come back.
While I can't say I had a great time at the Zoo Safari park, and I would not recommend it to anyone with small kids, or tell you don't go on a hot day and wear good shoes because you will be walking for miles and sometimes walk for a long time with complaining whining kids to see some tigers and then finally get to the tigers only to find that they aren't visible, and then Lily's fever comes back and all you want to do is go home, but you have only been there for 3 hours and you paid over a hundred bucks to get in so you want to get your money's worth, I will say this: It isn't worth your time, but the petting zoo made the trip worth while.
It was a simple petting zoo. It had different kinds of deer and that's all
But I found out that Jake liked the deer a lot.
The deer liked him back and gave him a little kiss.

She not only "kissed" him, but decided that his salty sweaty skin tasted fantastic. She licked him all over

Jake created quite the scene as he giggled while deer licked his neck and hair. He had a whole group of people surrounding him laughing and recording him on their own video cameras.

Then, without warning, another deer decided to join in on all the fun.

The boys loved the carousel too.
Jake sure is a ham for the camera.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Jake sure makes for a good salt lick and probably better because he isn't hard like one. You need to send to AFV!

Michelle said...

Best video ever! How cute is that?

Tami said...

sorry you didnt have the greatest time at the park:( I love the petting zoo part as well. Remember as my mom has always told me places like that and anywhere with rides becomes alot more fun the older our kids get!