Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Lily

That's right, we celebrated another birthday at our house yesterday. Lily turned 3! (If we ever have another baby, I hope we plan to have it far away from these three birthdays.) I can't believe she is already three years old! Time goes by so fast sometimes. I am still in new baby mode, so the celebrations were less than amazing. But I did manage to make some "all pink" cupcakes. With Lily's help we made strawberry cupcakes with pink butter-cream frosting topped with pink sprinkles and princess tiaras. Lily loved how they looked, but for some reason still won't eat them. Weird.

Lily helping me put on sprinkles and tiaras.
can you tell how special she feels?

My brother Ben had a basketball game last night at Weber state in the CIT tournament, so we headed to my mom's where we had a pizza dinner, opened presents and had cupcakes. My sister Michelle and her kids were there as well as my sister Amberly and her family. Of course my mom put on a great dinner and we had lots of fun. It was a rather short celebration because everyone (except Lily and I) were heading to the basketball game at 5:30 PM.

Lily opening her princess dress up set
She also got a doll house
She absolutely loved the Dora watch my sister Michelle gave her.

My mom gave her a play-doh set that she thinks is pretty cool.
All dressed up in her dress up finest.Cousin Savannah is also celebrating her birthday on Thursday. She had fun helping Lily play dress up.
Not pictured is the major tantrum Lily threw after everyone left. I guess with all the celebrating and not having a nap yesterday caught up to her. She also hasn't been the biggest fan of me since the baby was born. That's the way it goes sometimes. I had a rough time getting her home and into bed. I guess the terrible threes started right on schedule? I hope as far as tantrums go, we are on a downward slide.
All and all, it was still a fun day and we are so glad Lily is a part of our family. My favorite things about her: she sings and "dances" (spins in circles) all the time. She is so very girly. She absolutely loves her big brothers and can't wait till they get home from school. She is learning to love her sister. She calls my phone my "i-cell." She is beautiful. She loves going to nursery and asks everyday if it is "nursery day." She is a wonderful blessing to have in our family.
Happy birthday Lily Bean! We love you!

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Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Now I understand why we could not get you on Skype or the phone but what happened to the cell phone? Happy Birthday again Lily - we love you. Grandma and Grandpa