Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here We Go Again

Jacob has been having a rough few days. His allergies have been acting up and this causes his asthma to flair up as well. We did the normal things, including breathing treatments and allergy medicine. We even added cough medicine into the mix so he could sleep better at night. He had a fever on Saturday and Sunday so we added Tylenol and Motrin into the mix. Yesterday, however Jacob claimed that his legs hurt so bad he couldn't walk. He literally crawled around the house all day. This worried us, so when Randy got home from work he took Jakey to the pediatrician. The doc wasn't too concerned about his legs and chalked it up to either aches from the fever and poor breathing or growing pains. But, we did find out that Jakey has bronchitis too! Poor thing! The doc was very concerned about the asthma and bronchitis. Jake is now on steroids and antibiotics along with everything else. We also got a new inhaler for him to use when we aren't home to use the machine.

I hate seeing him like he is in the picture. But what you don't see is him smiling and humming (he never stops humming or singing). He isn't one to sweat the small stuff. What a sweet sweet boy! I hope he feels better really soon.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

We are so sorry you are going through all this just because of allergies. They are really bad this year - everyone is talking about it.

Ali said...

I'm glad you asked to get an inhaler for when you aren't home. That should be helpful.

Heidi said...

I hope he feels better soon!!!