Monday, March 19, 2012

Somebody's got to say it

Dear Alyssa,
I absolutely love you! You are a sweetheart. I can't get enough of your smiles, your smell and your teeny tiny fingers and toes. You are such a blessing. You are so sweet and I think I honestly kiss your little chubby cheeks a million times a day.

That being said, I'm totally going to make fun of you now. Tee he he. You absolutely have the worst hairline of all my kiddos! Lily had a big tuft on the top of her head, Tyler was a little toe head and Jacob had a light brown fuzz all over. You, on the other hand, have next to nothing on the front and top
But you also has a TON of hair in the back.This is the view of you from the top. Yes, I am giggling a little bit. See how long it is starting right at the back of the head? I could seriously braid it with no trouble at all.

This has to be my favorite picture though. I can't stop laughing at my "little old man". I should have taken a photo without the headband. But who doesn't love a baby who is all "business in the front, party in the back?" My only hope is that these bad hair days don't last too long.
Maybe you are just a "hat baby" I rarely put hats on my other kids, but your head is just begging to be covered up.

Oh, I'm sorry did I hurt your feelings?OK, that's better. I love you my goofy girl. :)
Love you always no matter what,


Michelle said...

Robby just made up a song about a mullet yesterday to the tune of Follow the Prophet. I was going to share, but it's more of an in-person kind of thing.
How funny!
And she is still very cute despite the hairstyle.

Michelle said...

That's funny you would never know she had all that hair in the back. Bronson had the old man hairline but he was a boy so I just buzzed it. It's a bit tougher with a girl. She''s cute no matter what the hair line.

Ali said...

I had no idea her hair was like that. Better than no hair? Maybe? She is adorable. I like the crying one. Whitney said, "baby sad."

Nessa said...

When in doubt, you could always trim the longer parts until the front catches up...or let her 'rock' the Mullett! Maybe she'll start a new fashion trend!