Saturday, January 31, 2015

Randy's Finger Injury

Randy was putting away is compound miter saw and the motor slid down the saw and smashed Randy's middle finger. This isn't my first rodeo with finger injuries, and I knew that Randy could be in shock, so I drove him to the Insta-care to get stitches. Also, I just like to watch things like this. I think it is awesome. Anyway, when we got there, The doctor was all "what did you do?! Why is it so bruised?" She thought he had cut it with something. He informed her that the machine had pinched it so hard it kind of split/exploded. Ouchy. of course, I took pictures all along the way.

Before it got cleaned

Getting it cleaned up
 There are a lot of nerve endings in your fingers. It was quite interesting watching Randy get a numbing shot in his finger. It really hurts like the dickens! I'm glad it's not just me who thinks the shot is WAY worse than the injury itself.
 pushing out the excess blood
 stitchy stitchy

 Check out that bruise!

This picture is an apt description of how Randy felt all along the way.
On the plus side we have matching scars now. It matches mine from my incident with the food processor. Same finger, same spot.haha

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