Saturday, January 24, 2015

The marriage tester

Now that we have our kitchen table in the dining room, we needed a new light. We found this awesome light fixture at Costco. Lucky for us, we both like the same types of things as far as house design goes.  We decided to install it.

I call this experience a "marriage tester" because installing this bad boy surely was just that. It was way more difficult to put in then we thought it would be and such a hassle to install. Randy got frustrated with me and I him. I wont get into the details, but let's just say, its times like these that it really helps that we love each other. haha.

 The thing weighs like fifty pounds. So imagine holding it straight above your head while your arms are shaking and your spouse telling you that if you let go, there will be a giant hole in the ceiling and everything will be ruined. oh yeah, I wasn't going to give details. Any-who, It was long and arduous, but somehow we made it through. 
 Here are the uneven wires hanging down. we had to let them "relax for a few days to get them just the same lengths.
 I love how it turned out, but I never want to install this thing ever again.
 so pretty right!? Thanks babe for sticking with me through the "worse" times.

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