Sunday, October 18, 2009

Annual Girls Trip

Eight of us girls took our annual trip this year to Park City and we had a blast! It was hard to leave Lily for the first time and it hurt (literally) but It was only for one night and two days, so she and I survived.
On the first night, we got to the resort and had dinner and treats while we did makeovers on each other. We decided that we would do crazy or ANTM type makeovers. We drew names and got started. We all looked so Crazy! And then we had a photo shoot.
The DVD player wouldn't work for us, so we had to call a maintenance guy to come look at it for us and he was Shocked when he came in and saw all of us! It was hilarious. Equally funny, was the fact that I forgot a single part to my breast pump so it wouldn't work, and Rachelle (the other nursing mother) had a hand pump that didn't work very well. So, since both of us were feeling like we were going to explode, we all packed into the van and drove to Smiths Marketplace to buy a breast pump at 2:00 am. dressed and looking like crazies. Luckily there weren't a lot people there that early in the morning.
On Saturday, we got up and checked out by 10:00 am and drove to the outlet mall where we spent the next 6 hours shopping. It was very fun and I actually stuck to my list I brought of our needs.
After shopping we drove to salt Lake and had dinner at La Hacienda for some yummy Mexican food and then we attended "Thriller" the Halloween production put on by Odyssey Dance Theater. It was very cool and really funny. I liked it a lot. Thanks girls for such a fun trip. It never disappoints.
Here are the pictures I took, but hopefully I can get copies of the cool photos Alison (the photographer) shot of all of us to show you.

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Clayton and Amber said...

I'm sure the maintenance man freaked! Did you tell him you all have children at home too? :) You all have some intense makeovers and your friends pictures are awesome. I'd love to see the workers faces when you went into Smith's dressed like that buying a breast pump. Glad you got it though :)