Monday, October 5, 2009

That takes guts

Today we had an interesting visit due to our recent babysitter experience. Our babysitter came over with an apology letter and a refund for her services for that night. That takes guts; especially for a 14 year old girl. I'm impressed. She is more grown up than I am seeing as I didn't have the nerve to confront her and her parents face to face, so I told her mom via facebook what happened and how I felt about it. I doubt she will ever make this kind of mistake again. And hopefully I have learned that I have to talk to people whether I like it or not.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Now you know it is far better to talk it out then to let it get in the way of friendship. Her mother probably had no idea what happened and now the little girl has learned a lesson also to be responsible for her conduct or pay the price. Good all the way around

katester said...

Confrontation is never fun especially with it comes to the actions of your friends children, but it must be done. HOpefully the girl understood and felt truly sorry for her poor babysitting skills that evening. Your children are the most precious to you and they need to be treated that way while you are gone.