Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heather the seamstress?

No, I am not really a seamstress, but I DID get a lot of my sewing projects done last night while Randy was gone. I made the "I spy" bags for the boys. This is Tyler's.
I put the list of things to find on the back of the bag.

Of course this is the fabric Jacob picked out. Orange is really all he talks about
I also made this baby blanket for my friend/neighbor/hairdresser who just had a baby boy last week.
I won't show you the boring projects like mending Randy's church pants and other chores, I'm just glad I got these things done. The laundry however is still piling up.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

What is the I spy bag for? Jake would do well in Romania - I think it is the favorite color of Romania.

Heather said...

The I spy bag is to keep them semi occupied during Sacrament meeting. They can sit and find the objects in the bag. I put over 30 objects to find in each, so hopefully it works at least one time. Lily keeps me too busy to worry about the boys. If I set her down for a second she is gone down the isle or under the benches to visit other families. It is all I can do to hold her and keep her busy in my arms.

Michelle said...

Those turned out really cute! Hopefully they will keep your kids occupied for awhile at least.

Lisa said...

Cute I have a question? If I order for Christmas would you require or want it wrapped or is it OK if I send it directly from the store? Either way is fine. It will come early if from the store.

Camille said...

Seriously, these are so cute and creative! Lets be friends :) LOL! I love crafty stuff but I really don't have the ideas. (BTW,its me, Camille, neighboracrossthestreet!)